Think Differently About Your Website Visitors

This week I came across an amazing statistic from Forrester Research…..

“For every $100 spent on driving traffic to websites,
companies spend only $1 trying to persuade those
website visitors to contact them.”

Wow…that’s not right, is it? There really are two parts in developing new business opportunities from your website. Sure, you absolutely have to attract targeted prospects to your site, but often the real challenge is to persuade them to contact you and not your competitors.

“Marketers report average conversion rates
of less than 1%.

That’s less than 1 out of every 100 visitors to your site who actually get in touch to talk further. That’s not surprising if you’re putting all of your emphasis on getting visitors to your site. But if you’re not converting them into leads very often, you’re wasting a lot of time, effort and money getting prospects to your site but not persuading them to contact you.

Let’s run some numbers. Would you be farther ahead if a) you increased site traffic by 30% or b) you increased your conversion rate by 1%. Our Revenue Generation Calculator will help answer that question:

Let’s say you get 2,500 visitors a month to your site now and you get 20 leads. And you sell 1 out of 5 leads for an average sale of $5,000…..

  • If you increase your visitors by 30% (keeping the same conversion rate) you have an annual gain of $72,000.
  • But if you increase your conversion rate by just 1%, you have an annual revenue gain of $300,000, over 4 times more sales.

As business gets ready to start up again, now’s the time to improve your conversion rate and take full advantage of the opportunities. If you’re interested in seeing if improving your conversions can have a big impact on your sales, contact us!