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Teaching our students and clients how to succeed in lead generation.


[The Upright Communications team] are good listeners to my thoughts and suggestions but because of their knowledge and experience, I can trust that their recommendations and suggestions are both timely and correct.

Jeff | MPH Industries

Upright did an excellent job of helping us understand what our potential clients and website browsers are looking for and how to leverage our strengths on our website. Great team to work with.

Jeni | Anthony Cole Training Group

CTG has seen tremendous growth in both visits to the website and leads generated by those visits.

Dave | Cleaning Technologies Group

While they are always willing to follow our instructions and wishes, they also provide their opinions and concerns in order to make our Internet communications as effective as they can be – that is the mark of a good vendor and partner.

Mike | Jasper Engines

Upright Communications understands our business and the type of customers that we serve…We can’t imagine how we’d function without them!

Preston | Air Solutions

Using Upright’s process, we saw a major increase in leads year-over year! We couldn’t do it all by ourselves.

Rick | Can-Do National Tape

Upright really helped us take our business to the next level… we’ve had a huge increase in quotes and our sales have really grown!

Andy | Meyer Truck Equipment

Redesigning our calls-to-action resulted in a 42% increase in pricing request form-fill leads in just 30 days. Our sales team is thrilled!

Jon | Advantage Engineering