If It’s Broken, Fix It!

Our B2B lead generation training process will help you identify exactly what you need to change on your website to get a lot more leads. And we’ll guide you to make those changes.

We’ve Got Answers

If you have a question during class, raise your hand! You can also visit our weekly Zoom “office hours” for 1-on-1 instruction, send us a chat or email. We’re here for you!

Group Synergy

Learning alongside other like-minded, B2B marketers is very motivational and fun. There’s a positive group energy that will elevate your results and encourage you to get things done!

Valuable Resources

You’ll have instructional PDFs, videos, how-to guides and worksheets as support reference material. Each session is recorded too for future review.

Start More Sales Conversations

Week 1: The Framework – Blueprint of a High Performing Lead Generation System

You’ll get an overview of how the lead generation system works. We’ll establish where you are now, where you want to go and how to position your company to get there.

Week 2: Your Best Prospects – Who They Are And What You Need To Know About Them

We’ll help you build a profile of your target prospects – to understand how they evaluate potential new vendors like you, and how to effectively invite them into a sales conversation.

Week 3: Search Optimization – Use Google To Attract Your Best Prospects

Your prospects find new vendors by going to Google. You’ll discover which keywords they’re using to find your products, and how to rank for them in Google so they see you before your competitors.

Week 4: Website Design – What Does A Great Lead Generating Website Look Like?

You’ll learn best practices on how to optimize key site pages (home page, product pages, contact pages, etc.) and how to use customer website critiques to totally transform your website’s lead generation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We strive to deliver the best possible experience for our 3-week training attendees.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our lead generation training,
we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee:

Attendees can request a full refund before the start of the 3rd week of class. This allows participants ample time to assess the quality and value of our program.