Discover the Secrets to Successful B2B Lead Generation

Boost your leads by 300% or more with our proven lead generation training program.

Led by expert coaches, our training will show you how to optimize your website and marketing strategy to attract high-quality leads.

Our next 6-week live Zoom training course starts Jan. 22, 2024.

A 1-minute overview of the leadgen training.

This live training is for you if:

  • You complain that your website doesn't get any leads and you want that to change

  • Your competitors show up on the first page of Google more than you and you don't know why

  • You might need help implementing leadgen strategies that you learn in this course

Proven Results.

Led by expert coaches, our live online training will teach you the lead generation framework we've used successfully with B2B companies nationwide since 1996.

Live is Better

During live Zoom sessions, you can ask questions, get feedback & connect with other students.


In 6 weekly sessions you'll learn everything you need to jump start your lead generation.

104,256 Leads

We'll teach you the same process that generated over 100,000 leads for our clients last year.

"Using Upright's process, we saw a major increase in leads year-over year! We couldn't do it all by ourselves."

Rick Winkel

"Upright really helped us take our business to the next level... we've had a huge increase in quotes and our sales have really grown!"

Andy Peter

"Redesigning our calls-to-action resulted in a 42% increase in pricing request form-fill leads in just 30 days. Our sales team is thrilled!"

Jon Gunderson

Frequently Asked

    • The class meets once each week for 6 weeks. The class length is 80 minutes.

    • The class size with be limited to 4-6 students plus the instructor.

    • The class is live. A recording of the live class will also be available to review.

    • Absolutely! You can email the instructor directly. We will also provide several “office hours” sessions during the 6 week class for 1-on-1 instruction.

    • Yes. For all of the tasks that we ask you to complete, a how-to document or video will be available to walk you through the process.

    • After completing the class, you will have the blueprint to increase the number of leads from your website. But if you need additional support or have questions, we won’t leave you high and dry. There are two options for you:

      Monthly Group Sessions – these are regularly scheduled monthly group meetings where you can ask questions and learn from your peers on all topics digital marketing. The cost for this level of support is $399/month.

      Personalized Support – if you would like individual, personalized support, you can take advantage of our “done for you” marketing program. You will have an account manager and access to our team of digital marketing professionals to work with you side-by-side to market your B2B products and services. The cost for this level of support begins at $1,500/month, much less than hiring a full-time digital marketer.

    • The cost for the 6 week class is $1,895, paid via credit card. You can sign up here.