Why You Should Include Video Content In Your Business Now

Should you include video on your website

We live in a digital world where consumer and business markets are becoming increasingly oversaturated. In many industries, it can be difficult to gain a competitive advantage – we simply have too many choices! As a consumer, this fact can either be your saving grace or a thorn in your side. Regardless of the type of consumer you are, the number of choices only seems to be growing. Can video content be a way for your business to have a competitive advantage? Simply said, more quality content never hurts!

Society Places More Value On Creative Endeavors

It’s never been a better time for creative people to thrive. Before the turn of the century, jobs and professions in the creative field were seen as nearly impossible to be successful in. Not anymore! The internet and social media has made creative skills a coveted expertise that businesses will pay good money for. Experience in videography, photography, and graphic/web design are just a few of the skills companies are seeking now. Even jobs in marketing and public relations, some experience in these skills will be an advantageous skill to add to your resume. Take note!

Beyond the work environment, people in everyday interactions are more receptive of more non-traditional jobs and professions. There’s no shame in choosing this path of life! Creative people are seen as talented and intelligent – such as freelance creators. You don’t have to be pursuing business, medicine, or ‘fill in the blank’ to be taken seriously. Creative endeavors take serious work and intuition too – even more in certain aspects! Now, more than ever, you should not have a difficult time finding an employee or partner to take on this content creation project.

Additional Social Platforms Increases Digital Visibility

Adding another well-managed social platform is a great way to increase your digital visibility. If the content on your business’ YouTube channel, or another video platform, is embedded in your website, you’ve opened another way to bring potential customers to your website. According to YouTube, they have “over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit“ their site every month. That number is crazy! The more customers interested in your product or service, the more profit your business will receive. Get creative with your content! Some of the strangest videos have millions of views.

Format Appeals to a Greater Number of Potential Buyers

Unlike reading a blog post or information/instructions about a product or service, watching most anything takes less focus. More and more people are turning to watching videos, movies, and tv shows for a way of unwinding. Although books, both physical and digital, are still being read, audio books are gaining popularity. Which do you prefer: watching or reading for information?

Videos are also a great option for people who enjoy visual and auditory stimulation – choosing one option can feel limiting. For those who wish to multitask, it’s always nice being able to still listen to a video when your eyes aren’t on the screen. This quality makes videos a versatile piece of content for a business. To watch or not to watch? That is the question. At least you can still listen even if you aren’t watching!

Micro-Influencers Are Taking Over Social Media

Micro-influencers are all over social media and on all platforms. You can find them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and more! Due to this, you can find videos on almost anything: product reviews, daily routines, storytimes, comedy skits, etc. The options have become endless. If you find a creator that fits in your business’ brand or message, you may even want to send them your product or a waiver for your service. This opens the door that they mention your product or company if they enjoyed the product – it doesn’t have to be a sponsorship. You could reach a whole other group of potential buyers. Just make sure your product or service is in its best shape before its interaction with an influencer! Depending on the size of their following, they have the influence to make or break your business.

If you want to learn more about micro-influencers, we have a whole blog post about their rapid growth here.

Potential Buyers Can See the Product/Service In Action

I don’t know about you, but we love when we can see a product in action. Especially with the prominence of e-commerce, it is hard to gauge an item’s functionality or the effectiveness of a service through just an image or words. Videos eliminate this by putting it into action so we can be more confident in our purchase. This is a great method for a product or service review!

Integrating a whole new social platform for your business can be a hard transition. Not to fear though! We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for all your digital marketing needs.